Oct 21, 2012

This, that, and the other

I love random collections.  Don't you?

At pack meeting the other night, Tyler did a great job at the Wolf "denner."  He was responsible for reporting his den's activities for the month in front of the entire pack.  I was impressed with his little presentation.  Go, Tyler!

Kate is learning to eat with a spoon.  I am learning to be patient with her messes.  Of all our children, she is least resistant to the wiping of her hands and face.  It's a little thing, but I love that about her.

I took the kids to Cottonwood Creek Park on Friday.  This is a place they often ask to go, so I expected great things.  Tyler and his buddy brought scooters, I brought bikes for Gavin and Lexi, and I planned to push Kate in the jogging stroller while everyone else took off on their wheels.  This park has a great sidewalk around a large soccer field.  I imagined us doing laps for a while, and then enjoying the playground.  The first part didn't work out so well.  Once Lexi petered out (halfway through the first lap), she joined Kate in the [single] jogger for a while.  That wasn't super it was really heavy for me!  Then Tyler and Carter took Lexi to the playground and I ran a few laps with Kate.  Gavin had a BLAST on his bike.  That kid has so much energy!  We all eventually congregated on the playground for an hour.  Overall, it was a successful venture, even though it didn't work out like I had planned.

Zach is showing interest in the kitchen.  He made the family breakfast this morning.  I love his bed-head.

Lexi's attachment to Betsy has taken a recent surge.  It's actually a little alarming.  However, I hit upon a strategy that keeps Betsy at home (most of the time) when we leave.  Lexi puts Betsy down for a nap in the doll cradle!  It's perfect.  Sometimes Betsy takes several naps a day.  I also find baby dolls tucked in with blankets and pillows in random spots around the house.  Today Lexi dressed up one of her dolls for church.  She had so much fun in Granny's playroom last week, with all its dolls, the little table and chairs,  and the mini kitchen appliances.  It's fun to see her imagination start to develop.

Don't you wish your health was as awesome as mine?  *sigh*

We have enjoyed spectacular fall weather in Colorado Springs.  The leaves are changing, and sometimes the colors of the trees takes my breath away.  This was the view from our driveway a few days ago.

And this is last night's gorgeous sunset.  I love where we live.

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