Oct 21, 2012


If you thought I had five children, you were wrong.  I actually have six.  The sixth child's name is Notme.

Notme is very, very busy.  He (sometimes she) is conveniently invisible and thereby immune to all responsibility and punishment.  S/he gets away with a lot of dumb stuff around here, like...

  • Putting clean clothes and folded socks in the dirty clothes hamper
  • Pouring goldfish crackers down the stairs
  • Leaving the freezer door open
  • Leaving the lights on in the van (two jumps in 24 hours, thankyouverymuch)
  • Smearing toothpaste all over the mirror/counter/sink/wall/toilet
  • Peeing all over the wall/floor/shower curtain/toilet
  • Leaving crumbs in my bed
  • Eating peanut butter from the jar in my bed
  • Strewing the couch cushions and pillows all over the family room
  • Licking the window
  • Giving Kate the bottle of floor cleaner
  • Parking a bike/scooter/stroller/wagon behind the van
  • Taking dishes into the backyard
  • Flicking the milk lid across the room
  • Moving a sibling's car seat to a different location in the van
  • Forgetting homework assignments altogether or until the last second
I think that tomorrow night, Notme will be the only kid who gets dessert...but only if s/he fesses up.
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