Jul 21, 2012


A few numerical values to share since my last post:

Loads of laundry sorted, washed, dried, and put away: 7

Dinners cooked by me: 2

Dinners cooked by me that children refused to eat: 2

Yards of piping sewn: 10

Couch upholstery pieces cut out: 31

Of that number, pieces erroneously cut out and then cut again: 4

Cushion covers sewn: 3

Pillow covers sewn: 6

Phone calls fielded from well-meaning but troublesome neighbor: 2

Neighbor children who declared my children as unfit playmates: 3

Piano pieces I am rehearsing for church musical numbers: 4

Christmas piano pieces I am trying to revive just for kicks: 1

Hours of babysitting for which we paid: 10

Temple sealings for which Garry and I were proxy: 15

Dollars paid to Thursday night babysitter: 42

Jobs Tyler and Zachary earned (jointly) for being complete heathens during our absence on Thursday night: 42

Days of work training in Denver for Garry: 3

Miles traveled for said training: 300

Visits to medical professionals: 3

Minutes of massage therapy for a half-crazed mama: 60

Doses of antibiotic administered to Lexi for her UTI: 6

Invitations mailed for a bridal shower I'm hosting in two weeks: 28

Address I still need for bridal shower invitation: 1

Children invited to join the YMCA swim team: 2

Miles jogged by me: 6.8

Age, in months, of our youngest child: 11

Hours Garry has spent sawing and drilling in the garage: 6

Trips to the home improvement store: 2

Trips to Costco: 1

Persons who responded to text messages from me: 19

Facebook statuses/pictures/links posted by me (maybe I need to get a life): 19

Days until I'll have time for a real blog post: ?
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