Jul 30, 2012

Scenes from a walk

This morning the children were awake and fighting much earlier than the parents were ready to deal with them.  Since I do not have the gift of being able to go back to sleep once awakened, I decided to take Kate on a walk.  Tyler joined me at the last second.  We set out around 6:30.  Even though I had to shorten my stride and my route to accommodate Tyler and his too-small flip-flops, the next 40 minutes were perfectly lovely.

I had great companions:

And enjoyed some lovely scenery:

We saw hot air balloons:

And happy wildflowers:

This was my favorite sight:

But the sun rising through the trees was pretty awesome, too:

As was this face looking up at me:

And these two cuties greeted us when we got home:

What a nice way to start the day (even if I am tired).
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