Jul 8, 2012

Four little fishies

Thanks to our YMCA membership, the kids are taking swimming lessons two afternoons a week for super cheap.  Gavin and Lexi are two of three children in their class; Tyler's class has six kids; and Zach's class has three.  They all go at the same time and everyone loves it.  Heaven on a stick, if you ask me.

Plus they are all cute in the water and stuff.

Zach has a coach (as opposed to a teacher), and this coach says Zach is a "swim team candidate," whatever that means.  His 45-minute class starts with five full minutes of treading water.  

On Friday we broke with my homebody tradition and joined friends at an outdoor community pool.  It was freezing, and I was the only mom in the water most of the time, and when it was time to go home, Zach refused to get out of the pool and we made a huge scene {my favorite thing}.

I think we'll stick with the Y.  We have a better success rate there, and if Zach refuses to get out of the pool, he only has to walk a mile home.

P.S.  Does anyone actually read this blog?  Family history is great and all, but I'm getting a little lonely here.
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