Jul 18, 2012

All the trimmings

Although the couches Garry is building aren't ready to be upholstered, I decided to start working on the pillows.  I couldn't find trim at the store to match the fabric, so in addition to cutting out pillow covers yesterday, I cut bias strips for almost 50 yards of corded trim.  I based my calculations on the faulty notion that the fabric pattern ran horizontally instead of vertically.  Despite this lapse in judgment I figured out a way to make it work.  Here are some photos from the 8+ hours I spent on this project today.

First step: cutting.  My rotary cutter (and my brain) got a workout.

This was my cheat sheet, which I designed thinking the fabric grain
ran the opposite direction.  I improvised.

This is the pile of cut pillow pieces.

When I took this picture, I thought I had a big mess on the floor.  It got so much worse.

Next up was cutting two-inch strips on the bias.  Never done that before.

I hoped this pile would cover 26 yards of cord.

After consulting many online tutorials and a sewing friend,
I cut all the tips off the bias strips.

Another messy pile.

One by one, I sewed the strips together.   I eventually made almost 50 yards of trim.
I will probably use the excess for seat cushions.

Then I sewed the cord into the bias strips.  This was rather tedious.

At long last I began sewing the covers together.  Because of my goof with the grain,
I pieced a few of the back panels.
This is the first finished pillow.  I think it turned out well.

One down, six to go.
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