Jul 11, 2012

Pinterest: Bartle style

About a month ago, I found simple project on Pinterest that I thought Gavin and Lexi would enjoy. I've had the {cheap!} supplies for several weeks and finally broke them out today.

The idea, found here, is to drop colored vinegar into a dish with baking soda.  The vinegar fizzes in the baking soda and leaves a bright spot. The lady who posted the idea said her two-year-old was busy with this activity for an hour, and her four-year-old for two hours. Even though I didn't expect THAT level of interest from my kids, I thought it was worth a shot.

The beginning was fairly promising.  Lexi was ecstatic as she made the chemical reaction on her own for the first time (working the dropper took practice).

But when the newness wore off (three minutes in), there was lots of fighting over droppers and colors.  Apparently six between the two of them wasn't enough.

After about half an hour, the fun factor was definitely diminishing.  But the kids (and I) stuck with it a bit longer, and then we ran to pick up Zach and Tyler at a friend's house.

When we got back, the big boys immediately started playing with the vinegar and baking soda.  That quickly turned into a huge mess.  Spoonfuls of baking soda went into cups of vinegar, producing an exciting volcano effect.  Then cups of vinegar went into dishes of baking soda.  

This was all fun and good until the kids spilled on the wood floor and left a big pink spot that I am still trying to remove two hours later.

Yep, that's how we roll.
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