Jul 24, 2012

Multi-lingual family

Have you read this awesome book?

For some reason it came to mind the other night as I pondered the range and variety of our kids' personalities.  Actually,  I think the trigger was getting three bear hugs from Gavin in the space of about two minutes.  I said to Garry,  "That kid's love language is physical touch."

We went down the list.

Zach feels loved when he receives gifts.  He doesn't necessarily use all of the gifts he receives, but getting the gift makes him happy.  He's a collector.

Tyler thrives on words of affirmation.  He needs to hear how great he is,  or what a good job he did, or how much he is loved.

Gavin's love language is physical touch.  He needs skin-to-skin contact quite regularly, whether it's a crushing hug, a tickle on the arm, or a back rub.

Lexi loves spending quality time with people.  She's a girl who appreciates one-on-one reading, playing games, and running errands.  She likes to go where I'm going and hold my hand.

Kate is too young to figure out just yet, but we decided she must respond to acts of service in order to represent the last love language on the list. Since she is baby, this is actually fits pretty well!

Garry has two love languages: receiving gifts and words of affirmation.  I try hard to show love for him in these ways.

And mine, without a doubt, is acts of service.  Do something nice for me and I'll feel your affection more strongly than any other way.

It's not surprising that our family is so varied in its perceptions of love.  It's good for me to remember,  though, so I can practice the kind of loving actions that each person would like to receive.

Do you know your love language?
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