Dec 13, 2011

You're never too old for Santa Claus

Our ward sponsored a pancake breakfast
with Santa Claus Saturday. 
While the pancakes were nothing to write home about,
Santa Claus was a hit. 
And much to my surprise,
all of our pajama-clad children
wanted to sit on Santa's lap.  

So what do our children want for Christmas?
I stood close enough to listen.

"I don't really know, but maybe an iPod. 
Or a Smell-Pod.  I read about that in a magazine."

"Two watches, so if I lose one, I still have one.  And lots of toys."

"Something pink.  And dolls.  And Mom."

"Um....Hex Bugs and remote control Bey Blades and a remote control car."

"Breakfast would be good."

I didn't sit on Santa's lap,
but I would like to sleep through the night for Christmas.
Do you think I might find that in my stocking?
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