Dec 23, 2011


With the final days of school before Winter Break came parties, celebrations, concerts, and end-of-season games.  Here's a quick rundown on some of the 2011 "lasts" at our house.

Gavin had a preschool program and party last Thursday.  He and his adorable classmates sang a few little songs, complete with reindeer hats and spirited movements.  Gavin was much more focused on the waistband of his shorts and his slipping headdress than on singing, but his teacher assured me that he knew all of the lyrics by heart.  After the mini concert, Gavin and I snacked on holiday treats in the classroom.  He gave each of his teachers a big hug and a "Merry Christmas!" before we left for home.

Gavin (#20) also played in his final basketball game of the season.  His mood was a little off that morning and he didn't want to participate after the first quarter, but he did make a great basket and ran enthusiastically from one end of the court to another.  Getting his very own medal and cupcake was super fun, too.  Gavin was distraught when he left the medal at tithing settlement later that morning, but Bishop Shumway kept it safely on his desk until we returned to retrieve it.

Zachary's last game was Saturday, as well.  He thoroughly enjoyed his first season of basketball and clearly improved his basic skills.  It's fun to watch him go after the ball, make rebounds, and shoot for the hoop.  Zach had a great coach this season, and although he won't be coaching next season, Zach hopes to continue playing with some of the same boys, several of whom are LDS.  Zach also got a participation medal at his post-game pizza party Saturday afternoon.

Last week Garry and I finally completed a year-long goal: drafting and signing our will and trust.  Meeting with an attorney to prepare these documents was a sobering task, but we were thrilled to finalize and sign everything last Thursday.  Knowing our kids will be taken care of in the event that Garry and I both pass away is a great relief!  There's nothing like peace of mind to close out a calendar year.
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