Dec 16, 2011

Tyler's school work

During my latest bout of insomnia I scanned a fat stack of the boys' school work, pictures, and certificates.  Eventually I will include them in their individual memory books, but I couldn't resist posting a few of Tyler's fun work from this fall.

Tyler is very interested in art and has some natural ability.  I think this pumpkin looks great.

Third graders are apparently learning about drawing faces.  These two pictures are self-portraits.

I love Tyler's colorful rendition of a jungle bird.

This one is my favorite.  It is a tribute to his Great Uncle Garry on Veteran's Day.  The content is very sweet -- but mostly fiction.  Tyler's father was named after this uncle, and Uncle Garry was bald (and awesome), but those are the only facts in this piece.  I love that Tyler clearly reveres Uncle Garry, a Las Vegas dentist who died in an accident in 1998, well before Tyler was born.  Somehow Dad's stories of his uncle have turned him into a legend!  The translation of Tyler's writing is below.

Garry (my uncle)

I think my uncle (Garry [my dad is named after him]) deserves a very special monument.  He deserves a monument because he was saving peoples lives ALOT!

He also deserves a monument because he helped with our freedom.  He is bald, nice, and very old.  He was a great fighter!

Garry's monument would be in mesa, arizona because I think that is where he lived at the time.  The monument would be completely white.  On the front, it would have his name and why he deserves it.  Inside, there would be a statue of him in war, made of gold.

That is why my uncle deserves a monument.  He was a great fighter, and an AWESOME uncle!
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