Dec 11, 2011


I spent some time on Thursday hanging our latest family pictures on the wall.  Since moving here 3 1/2 years ago, our formal family photos have always been downstairs, but I decided I'd like them in a more public living space.  So after arranging frames and letters on the rug, I hammered about a million holes into the wall and eventually ended up with this.

I think it will make me smile every day.

Last week as I pondered my mortality, I achieved a certain clarity that only seems to come to me in a crisis.  I understood more than ever the importance of faith and family.  Less meaningful things like holiday shopping, festive parties, the ironing pile, and my waistline slipped into oblivion as I thought about how much I love my children and how grateful I am for my Savior.  I realized that I need to cherish holding my baby, to enjoy reading books to my preschoolers, and to take every opportunity to hug and encourage and praise my older boys.  I need to hold Garry's hand and express my appreciation to him.  I need to spend more time in the scriptures and make my prayers more meaningful.  I need to get to the temple again.  These are the things that matter most.

Since receiving the amazingly good news that I am tumor-free, I have tried to hold onto the gratitude, peace, and complete joy that settled upon me.  It's like an orb of light in my chest.  I hope I can always keep my priorities in line.  The view from this perspective is amazing.
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