Dec 29, 2011

Post-holiday happenings

Our winter break is flying by.  The days since Christmas have been gloriously unstructured.  I wish I could say that the days have been lazy, but nothing about our family life is very lazy!

Because Garry was feeling better on Monday, he and the kids set up the trampoline.  It was cold outside, but that didn't deter Dad's excited band of helpers.  Since about noon that day, the kids have enjoyed bouncing and playing on their dream-come-true Christmas least until their toes are numb from the cold.  I'm still trying to let go of the anxiety that someone will get hurt.  I'm an awesome worrier like that.  Today Garry set up the net enclosure for the trampoline, which should help a little with safety.

Other Christmas toys, like these doll clothes from Granny, have been a hit.  I'm grateful that she made darling tops to match all the pants I managed to eke out before I got overwhelmed with the doll clothes project.  Lexi and Gavin are having a blast with their babies, which have had many rides around the house in Lexi's new shopping cart.

Tyler received the Lego Ideas Book, which is a marvelous companion to the tub of Legos-without-instructions that reside in his bedroom.  It has provided the perfect spark of interest for Tyler and Zach alike, leading to hours of creative building.

Of course, there is lots of this: total vegetation on the couch.  I'm grateful for moments of relative calm, even if the kids' brain cells are dying in front of the television.  Zach discovered America's Funniest Videos on Netflix, so we have all been laughing a lot.

Everyone in the family found a fake mustache in their stockings, so we took a few pictures.

The van has been at a repair shop twice this week, since Garry's vacation days and our relaxed schedule allowed us to live without it for a time.  Honda replaced the power steering pump and a wheel bearing, and also repaired the tire pressure monitoring system (all covered under recall and warranty), and then our trusted mechanic gave the van new brake pads and rotors.  That was a lame holiday-time expense, but we're glad to have our trusty van back!  

Garry took the kids "glow golfing" at the mall on Tuesday.  (Kate and I stayed home for some peace and quiet!)  They golfed 36 holes in two hours.  Gavin won a prize for sinking a put on the 18th hole.  He was the only person in the family to achieve that feat!  

We fed the missionaries last night.  Elders Roos and Stowe were very charming guests and left us with a wonderful message on faith from 1 Nephi.  Garry made a delicious meal of fettuccine alfredo for dinner.  He has experimented in the kitchen every night this week.  The pasta was a hit.

With the remaining days of our vacation--Garry is home this week and the kids don't go back to school until January 5th--we hope to finish Christmas decor take-down; repair the wall behind the Christmas tree (damaged by the recliner); rearrange Lexi's and Kate's bedroom furniture; take the big boys to play laser tag; try a couple more recipes; and maybe hit a few more items on the boys' bucket list.  Personally, I hope for a couple more naps!
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