Dec 12, 2011

Homework for Mom and Dad

Another science fair has come and gone.  [Insert giant sigh of relief.]

Tyler had the dubious honor of being the guinea pig for his class's science fair.  While all of his classmates will complete science fair projects in the spring, Tyler did his project this fall and prepared video diaries of his progress.  His teacher has been showing these videos in class to prepare everyone for next semester's projects.  Tyler has enjoyed his time in the spotlight.

I tried valiantly to give Tyler the reins on his project.  He selected the topic and did most of the research online.  He made calculations and offered ideas and drew conclusions.  He wrote the final report.  He completed the display all by himself.  I think his seven-year-old efforts are pretty awesome!

Zach was a good sport and helped Tyler with all of his videos, acting as a reporter on a news team.  I wrote a script for each interview, which the boys relied upon more heavily as the weeks passed.  Here are seven of the eight videos (#4 wouldn't upload for some reason), each a couple of minutes long.  They make me laugh.  Many thanks to Garry, who spent many late nights converting all the videos for classroom (and blog) use.

On Saturday night, Tyler presented his project on camera.  I'm impressed with his delivery, considering I gave him about two minutes to prepare.

Overall, I think this was a good experience for Tyler.  He worked hard and had a great attitude about 90% of the time. However, next time we set academic goals with the Talented and Gifted coordinator, I am going to make sure that Tyler's goals involve less parental homework.
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