Dec 15, 2011

Deep thoughts by Gavin and Lexi

Gavin: Mom, what is Tyler going to do when he's a dad?
Mom: I don't know; what do you think?
Gavin: I don't know!  What is Dad going to do when Tyler is a dad?!?!
Mom: Probably hold his grandbaby!
Gavin: But what car is Dad going to ride in when he is a grandpa?


Random person: Where did your baby get her dimples?
Heidi: From her daddy.
Random person: Do your other kids have dimples?
Heidi: They do.  Zach and Gavin and Kate have two and Tyler has one, but Lexi and I don't have dimples.  
Lexi: (lifting up her shirt)  Mom!  I have dimples!  See?  Here and here!
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