Nov 21, 2011

Three months!

A very happy three months to our darling Miss Kate!  More than one of our babies have celebrated a monthly milestone at Granny's house, and I'm glad she gets to join the fun. Here's a pose on Granny's couch:

It's been a calorie-rich month in Kate's world.  At her two-month check-up (a week late, on October 27), she weighed 8 pounds, 5 ounces.  On November 15, she weighed 9 pounds, 8 ounces.  The ounce-a-day gain is exactly what we were going for!  Kate's little legs and belly and cheeks are starting to fill out.  She is a lot more alert and awake during the day, and she loves to kick and wiggle on a blanket in the floor.  Things that she hated before, like riding in the car and baby swing, are much more enjoyable.  She is using her voice more and her pacifier less.  Sweet Kate clearly needs the two-ounce formula supplement at the end of every nursing session.  Unless my new medication works wonders with my milk supply, she'll be an exclusively bottle-fed baby pretty soon.

Kate almost always rolls onto her back when I set her down for tummy time, but if she stays on her tummy long enough she holds her head high to check out the world.  I'm happy to see her chewing on her hands, grinning frequently, sleeping better, and wiggling a lot; she is clearly hitting developmental benchmarks just as she should in spite of being hungry for two months.

Our other children are still enamored with their little sister.  The boys and Lexi love to take turns holding her and fetching things she might need.  Lexi is fond of tucking a doll or stuffed animal next to Kate when she is swinging or sitting in a bouncy chair.  She is certain that Kate needs the comfort of toy friends.  The exchange is always tender to watch.

Kate was an excellent traveler this week.  She mostly slept, but didn't complain when she was awake.  Zachary sat next to her and tended to her every need, whether it was a binky or a bottle or a dribble on the chin.  By the time we get home, Kate will have been in five states!  She and Zach are our youngest state-hoppers.
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