Nov 8, 2011


A bit of writing from Zach's homework folder:

My Animal.
By Zach

I wake up in the barn.  I start to run around and wake up my friends.  The farmer opens the door.  Me and my friends squeal for food because we are hungry.  The farmer finally feeds us corn and slop.  We are as grateful as ever.  I run out of the barn for my favorite activity of the day, rolling in the mud!  I get all dirty and sticky!  I start to run around, oink, and squeal.  After I run for a while I roll around in the dirt to get clean.  Then, the farmer herds us into an enclosed space.  I hate it in here!  I snort but I don't think the farmer understands me.  It is very crowded in here so I snort and squeal but nothing happens.  Finally, the farmer lets me out.  It seems to be getting dark.  The farmer tries to herd us into the barn, but I try to escape.  I run between his legs and jump into the mud.  Finally, freedom.  I run as fast as the wind, but the farmer catches me.  I finally just give up.  I fall asleep.  Tomorrow will be just the same.
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