Nov 22, 2011

Behind the scenes

"Dixon, Party of 22!"

That's what my dad has to say when the whole family gets together.  Our party of 22 is composed of 12 adults and 10 children (with another coming any day!).  And when that whole group gets together, it's definitely a par-tay!

On Sunday afternoon the family gathered for a photo session.  The photographer had a real job on her hands, so those who weren't being photographed tried to entertain those who were in the hot seat.  I got a real kick out of watching my parents and siblings doing their best to make sure everyone kept smiling.

Here, Holly and my mom were playing a very active game of peek-a-boo to entertain David's kids.

Then Holly and Ryan entertained Angie's kids with this little number.

Angie loved on Kate to keep her happy.

Rachel led the kids in Simon Says to keep them still and clean.

Eric tried to make Jentry go into labor.

And Ryan and Eric made me laugh...again and again and again.

Somewhere in the middle I captured these fun photos of Gavin and his cousin, Chloe, who is five.

I can't wait to see the pictures our photographer took.  They should arrive just in time to send out with our Christmas cards!
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