Nov 11, 2011

g-g-g-growing up

Lexi has had an amazing vocabulary since she first started talking.  It is still fun to hear her tiny voice say grown-up things.  Over the last couple of weeks, the final vestiges of her toddler-speak have begun to melt away.  Lexi is giving up "d" in favor of "g" and "t" in favor of "k."  Quite suddenly she is able to say "Where is baby Kate?" just as you and I would (instead of the former "Tate").  Gavin is no longer "Davin."  Just like that, she has picked up the tricky consonants.  She also corrects herself if she reverts to former habits.  While it's exciting to hear her master more of the English language, a part of me is sad to bid farewell to "dive me a tiss" and "Daddy's name is Darry."  *Sigh*

Other evidence of the girl growing up: turning the light switches on and off.  Lexi isn't actually tall enough for this trick; I bought her a little step stool this week.  Lexi can dress herself and brush her teeth and fetch things for the baby, but not if the room is dark.  She is endlessly frustrated at not being able to reach the lights, and resorts to moving a kitchen chair all around the house or inverting a laundry hamper to reach the switch.  A $6 investment has been a huge boon in our household!  Lexi uses the stool for lots of unnecessary tasks in addition to those for which it was purchased, but that's OK with me.

We also have ample proof that Lexi is a very normal two-year-old.  My whine-o-meter is usually sounding its alarm by 10 a.m. every day.  Lexi's favorite word is "NO!" Her tantrums are loud and crazy.  She is hungry all of the time except meal time.  And she still likes to color on non-coloring surfaces.  The latest victim of a ball-point mural: my white bed sheets and duvet.  Dawn plus hair spray plus elbow grease saved the duvet.  I'm not even going to attempt removing the pen marks (there are many) from the sheets.  Is that terrible?

Maybe as Lexi grows up (and presumably out of such shenanigans), her artwork will be a symbol of the toddler-hood she left behind.
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