Nov 29, 2011

The 10th percentile

Kate had another weight check today.  Any guesses on her weight?

Well, I will tell you: 11 pounds!  Wow!  She gained a pound and a half in the last two weeks!  Kate is back on the 10th percentile line (she was below the 3rd a month ago) and Dr. Yochim is thrilled with her progress.  Garry and I have marveled at how Kate has grown before our eyes.  On our trip she was clearly growing out of her newborn diapers and size 0-3 months clothes.  She suddenly has chubby legs and a round belly and a nice soft chin. (Kate and I share these attributes, but somehow chub only looks good on babies.)

Last week while we were in Mesa, I spent about 20 minutes nursing Kate.  I thought it was a pretty good feeding, but Kate wasn't satisfied until she had 3.5 ounces of formula, too.  That's when I decided that formula is the way to go.  So for the last week or so I've been cutting back on nursing.  We're down to about once a day.  It has been a painful transition for me, of course, but Kate is doing just fine.  She's actually super hungry all the time (making up for lost time, apparently) and doesn't seem to have any bad reactions to the formula.  Formula feeding has a learning curve for me, but we are finding our groove.

Now if we can find some more happy baby grins for the camera, we'll be set.
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