Nov 30, 2011

Fantastic Four

Gavin Drew, our energetic, curious, enthusiastic, spunky, perceptive, affectionate preschooler, is four years old today. In some ways, it seems like he was a baby just yesterday, but in others, his life seems to have encompassed much more than four years! Gavin is a boy just bursting with spark and personality. We're lucky to call him ours.

Gavin is certainly a mover and a shaker. Running, jumping, climbing, biking, hanging, and spinning are still his favorite things. All of his birthday gifts, from immediate and extended family alike, suited his active temperament. He received baseball gear, a balance board, Velcro "monster mitts," a bean bag, a chinning bar, a pogo stick, and Nerf guns. He also got the clothes he is wearing in these photos.

Gavin's little body is always busy--but so is his mind. With all of his who/what/when/ where/why questions, he might grow up to be a scientist or an inventor or a doctor or an investigative reporter! For now, he is thriving in preschool and keeping us entertained at home. Life is never dull with Gavin around.

Gavin and Lexi are best buddies. They love to play together, and Lexi idolizes her big brother, copying everything he does and says. Gavin, in turn, wants to do everything Zach and Tyler are doing. He considers himself one of the big boys.

Gavin has finally entered a stage of enjoying television. While I probably shouldn't be thrilled with this, I admit that it is perfectly lovely to know he will turn on a show and sit and watch it! His favorite shows are Go, Diego, Go!, Sid the Science Kid, Busytown Mysteries, and the Cars movies. He was sooo sad (so was I!) when Netflix stopped offering Word World episodes. He could probably watch that show all day! I credit that program with turning Gavin onto reading (which he does, a little).

Gavin loves banana-and-Nutella sandwiches, grapes, chicken nuggets, goldfish crackers, spaghetti, and milk. He loves cuddling with pillows and blankets. He loves comfy clothes like t-shirts and track pants. He loves his puffy orange coat. He loves dancing to music, being silly, and making people laugh. He loves giving hugs and kisses. He loves having his back scratched. He loves playing with my hair. He loves family scripture time and giving Family Home Evening lessons. He loves Primary songs, and I'm certain he can feel the Holy Ghost whispering to his heart.

This evening as we were preparing to use the video camera for Tyler's science fair project, Gavin wanted some time on camera. And so this candid, impromptu, charming interview was born. It captures Gavin's awesome personality perfectly.

Gavin is such a fantastic kid. Watching him learn and grow this year has brought us great joy.

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