Dec 10, 2013

Beauty Shop

While I was at the church setting up for the Creche, I left the boys in charge, since Garry wasn't quite home from work yet. I set up the little kids in front of the TV (heaven help me without that babysitter).  Tyler was doing homework and Zach was shoveling the driveway.

Well, I came home about two hours later (just a pit stop--I went back for a couple more hours).  As I sat down to dinner with the family, I noticed that Kate had stuff all over her face (said only in the voice of the lovable "Private Eyes" character).  Garry relayed the sordid details of the girls' party in my bathroom.  They applied makeup and nail polish--lots and lots of nail polish--all by themselves. Kate was especially adorned, but so were the tile floor, the bathroom cabinets, and the rug.  The girls cleaned up pretty nicely, but we can't say as much for the other surfaces, whose sparkly decorations are likely permanent.

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