Dec 22, 2013

The girls

Lexi and Kate are so cute together.  I have captured a few of their sisterly moments lately and want to remember them.

They have been holding hands a lot lately, especially when we are out and about.  Here they are walking to Lexi's ballet class, picking up Gavin from school, and visiting the dermatologist.

The girls both love dolls, but Kate might love them more than Lexi.  Regardless, they both have sweet nurturing instincts. On this day they were singing songs to their babies and tucking them into bed.  Kate also likes to treat Bunny as a baby.  She even painted Bunny's toenails (that don't exist) a sparkly purple.  Yay.

They even fall asleep in the car at the same time.  

I love dressing the girls the same, although it generally only happens on Easter and Christmas.  I thought they looked darling this morning.  Not pictured: the scramble to find Kate's socks and her sparkly silver shoes that match Lexi's (we obviously found neither). Also: fixing the girls' hair in the church bathroom (like we do every week).

These girls...gotta love 'em.

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