Dec 28, 2013

"I wanna sweep wif you."

It turns out I'm a real pushover after midnight.

Kate has been having nightmares about dogs and trains and sharks and snakes "coming to get her" in the middle of the night.  She shrieks hysterically until I arrive at her bedside.  Even when we turn on the lights to see that nothing is there, she quakes in fear.  Most nights she lands in my bed at least once, often for the entire night.  I have trouble getting back to sleep if I'm awake too long after 11:00, so I'd rather have less real estate in the bed than be awake for hours.  This is getting to be a bad habit.

On Christmas Eve Kate woke up before I went to bed, so we cuddled under my blankets and tried to sleep at the same time.  She was clearly giddy about this arrangement, and as she nestled her darling little head into my pillow she sighed and said, "I just love this comfy bed."

Nice, Kate.  Now get back in your own!
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