Dec 5, 2013

ABC Dating: TFG

Garry and I are slowly chipping away at our ABC Dating project.  It's hard to remember to do something for ourselves once in a while.  We have done a few things the last few weeks, though.  And we've decided to go in random order, hitting letters where we can.

We recently saw "Gravity" at the movie theater.  We went to see "Captain Phillips" for C, but it was sold out (not super surprising in our military town, although it wasn't a recent release), so we went with Option B (haha) and decided T is for Theater.  The movie was more intense than I expected--something about astronauts losing oxygen and floating away in space made me nervous--but we had a good time.  The best part: Z is for babysitter!  We went to the movies after the Littles went to bed, and Zach and Tyler manned the fort in our absence.  Win!

The day after Thanksgiving we hosted an adult game night.  A party of 10 dwindled to four with three last-minute cancellations, but Curtis and Mindy were good sports, especially when Zach and Tyler begged to participate (their friends were originally going to come with our friends) and we played a sedate strategy game.  Our stay-at-home date did not play out as planned, but G is for Game.  Check.

The next night we double-dated with our neighbors, Jay and Angela, to see a "Forgotten Carols" (F!) performance.  The production was very fun.  I knew all of the songs (from my high school days), but had forgotten some of the story line.

Perhaps the most amusing part of the evening came when we got home.  Zach had been babysitting again (we have arrived, baby!) and had locked the house up tight.  Garry hadn't brought our keys because our neighbors drove and we knew we could come in through the garage.  It was 10:30 and the kids were all sleeping, so we seemed stuck.  But then I remembered I had opened the window above the kitchen sink earlier that day.  It wasn't locked!  Like a gentleman, Garry offered to finagle his way into the house.  I couldn't resist a photo.

So, in case you are keeping track:

F: Forgotten Carols
G: Gravity
T: Theater

Stay tuned for the next 21 installments of our ABC Dating adventures.
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