Mar 6, 2013

No hands!

A couple of weeks ago, when the Beehives were in charge of a joint activity (all youth from 12-18, about 40 youth and their leaders), we put together an "I can do hard things" experience.  We were inspired by a video I found online (see below) about a teenage girl who was born with no arms.  Despite her disability she can function just about like a normal teenager.  I'm especially impressed with her ability to put in contact lenses, participate on the cheer squad, and drive!

For our activity, we encouraged the youth to try to use their feet for several everyday tasks.  We had stations for writing and painting and opening a combination lock; dressing, brushing teeth, and shooting a basketball; and texting, setting a table, and making a peanut butter sandwich.  The results were quite funny, but also pretty sobering! 

We closed with a video a man with no arms and no legs.  (The one below is different but more comprehensive.) He is absolutely incredible, and has an inspiring message for people around the world.  Hopefully the youth went home with a greater sense of gratitude for their capable bodies. 

Zach watched me prepare for the event and was quite intrigued.  Since he is required to teach several Family Home Evening lessons in order to earn the Family Life merit badge, he asked to do a "no hands" activity for our latest FHE.  They chose some of the non-messy activities: writing, opening a lock, combing hair, and brushing teeth. I had to attend a youth fireside at the time of our family's activity, but Garry reported that it was a success.  And of course he documented it for me.


I'm definitely grateful for a body that functions normally.  It's something I often take for granted, but these activities have certainly heightened my awareness of my blessings.
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