Mar 15, 2013

Sunny Day

The planets aligned and our family had a terrific day.  The kids were out of school (the elementary school had a teacher work day...although we didn't realize that the middle school was in session and Zach missed math--oops), Garry had the day off (rollover PTO from 2012), and the weather was fantastic.  We spent the morning at Fox Run Park and had a great time.  As I was playing soccer with Zach, I realized I need to run outside as much as he does.  Despite skipping the gym this morning, I had a good workout chasing kids and balls.  I even had to stretch my legs when I got home.  Haha.

We started on the playground and grassy field, then hiked around the park to see the ponds and trees.  The kids were anxious to walk out on the frozen ponds, but we enforced a safety precaution and kept them on the muddy banks.  They were mostly content to throw heavy things and skip pine cones on the ice.

When we got home, Lexi was asked to play at a friend's house.  The boys played in the backyard for several hours with their friends.  Garry and Kate napped, and I spent some time preparing my Young Women lesson for Sunday and blogging.  The older boys are enjoying a "late night" at another friend's house, and Garry is bringing Red Robin take-out for the two of us to eat. I anticipate a quiet evening at home.  How nice is that?

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Grandma said...

So glad you all had a good day:)

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