Mar 10, 2013

Cleaning the church

Ward members assembled to clean the church on Saturday morning: 12

Cleaning solutions available to use on toilets, counters, sinks, windows, and mirrors: 0

Trips home to secure the above: 1

Bottles of Windex nearly emptied by small people: 2

Toilets scrubbed: 9

Urinals scrubbed: 4

Toy cars retrieved from urinals: 1

Spoons required to aid in the above task: 1

Items thrown away because of said task: 2

Times Heidi nearly barfed during the cleaning of bathrooms: 2

Pews vacuumed between: 18x3

Classrooms vacuumed: 15-ish

Hallways vacuumed: 3

Number of minutes Garry vacuumed with a sick Kate in his arms: 50

Glass doors polished: 18

Hours spent taking our turn to clean the church building we love: 1.5
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