Mar 24, 2013

My voice is my passport...

...verify me.

Name that movie.

Last week Garry completed our passport applications.  In June, to celebrate our holy-smokes-we're-old 15th wedding anniversary, we will spend a week in Banff, Alberta, Canada.  I'm pretty excited to get a stamp in my passport (name that movie), and more importantly, to see a pretty cool place with a pretty cool guy.


Passport applications require pictures, and we thought we'd save $21.74 and by printing photos taken at home instead of having Walgreens take them for us.  So, armed with a really wrinkly bed sheet, a camera, and a piano bench, Garry and I took turns snapping passport pictures.  I went first (after taming my post-Sunday-nap bedhead and finding some lip gloss) and then took control of the camera.  Things were all business for a minute, but then the kids piled on Garry and we laughed a lot.

Aw, these pictures make my heart want to burst with love and joy.

And I'm really excited to leave five of those people behind so I can spend a week in Canada with the other one.
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