Mar 19, 2013

My children are amusing

I'm not generally an optimist (people who know me are snorting at the "generally"),
but sometimes I'm happy enough to see ridiculous things
and photograph them.

Here's a sampling from the last few days.

This one is actually gross.
I bent down to clean the bottom of the table leg
and found a smorgasbord of old food stuffed under the table.
I haven't been able to convince myself to touch it.
I might need a HAZMAT suit.

Kate loves to "help" with laundry.
While I was folding four neglected loads of the stuff,
she pulled out all the girly shirts and wiggled into them
until they hung around her waist.
The mom in me cringed at the stretched shirt necks,
but guess what?
It entertained her while I folded.
At highest count, she was wearing 11 shirts.
(I don't do laundry very often, can you tell?)

I loved Zach's personal chore chart on Monday.
Being awesome should be an aspiration for most people, I think.

This is our thermostat.
No wonder I was so cold on Monday.
Good grief.

Kate found a box of Sharpies on the table.
[Totally my fault.]
She had quite the masterpiece to show off at church.

Our little monkey did a number on the dishwasher.
Everything from the top rack ended up in the bottom of the machine,
and she just shoved off the bottom rack.
I didn't feel like emptying it,
so I put the bottom rack on the counter
and closed the door.

Should I buy these glasses?
Are flattering self-portraits possible?
Why do I look like such an old lady?
Am I in a contest for the longest/most ridiculous roots on the planet?
(I have a hair appointment next Tuesday.)

Dear Zach:
I'm sick of cleaning your clean clothes.
Do it yourself.


Karie said...

Ah, the great glasses debate. Personally, I liked the red ones--so much so that my next pair will be red! And I don't know about the looking like an old lady thing, but it seems to have snuck up on me too, lately. Maybe it's being in YW--either we look like one of them, or like we might have the life experience (and attendant wisdom?) to lead them.

Colleen said...

HAHAHA! I liked the red glasses too!

Rob and Marseille said...

i say make your kids clean up the nasty food! I like those glasses on you!

pass it on!

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