Mar 6, 2013

Life with the Littles

I spend most of my time with my small people.  The exceptions are my own medical appointments, visiting teaching, two hours on Sundays while they are in class, Cantata practice, and, of course, after they go to bed.  When they are bed, however, I am often so exhausted that...well, you get the picture.  

Bottom line: it's no surprise I have lots of goofy pictures and stories about my small people.

We have a new ritual at our house.  On the way home from school/errands/whatever, I stop at the bottom of our street, let Gavin and Lexi out of the van, and watch them run to the house.  On this day Gavin ran in bare feet.  Outside temp: about 40 degrees.


This actually has nothing to do with small people, but it's funny.  Garry keeps a half gallon of milk at work, but he brought it home to help us get through our emergency preparedness week.  I laughed out loud when I saw his initials on the milk.  Does this remind anyone of college?

No, she's not praying.  She's just taking her daily nap in the car.  In her pajamas.  Atop the booster seat whose cover she steadfastly refuses to use.

Kate has figured out how to reach light switches, and she is fascinated.  She employs similar tactics in the kitchen; today I found her using the microwave because she had pushed her high chair to the stove so she could stand on the oven.

In other climbing news, this is one of Kate's favorite activities: buckling and unbuckling the high chair straps over and over and over.  This can lead to nothing good.

I have enjoyed this week immensely because Zach is taking state tests at the elementary school and therefore does not go to middle school at 7:30 and therefore does NOT need a ride to the elementary school at 8:50.  Guess how I'm celebrating?  Going to the Y at 8:00 a.m. instead of 5:00 a.m.  Yesssss....!  The Littles accompany me, and Kate likes to wear her child watch name tag all the livelong day.

Last Friday while Garry was skiing and I was at a church meeting, I left the Littles with a babysitter.  While my #2 pet peeve is paying a sitter to attend church meetings, I was pleased to receive a glowing report when I returned.  So Gavin got ice cream.  Lexi got put on Santa's naughty list, so I guess her report was less glowing, but it was better than last time.

On Saturday the weather was lovely, so we went to the neighborhood park and played on toys even though there was snow packed all around the play area.

One night I suggested we read books before bed, and Gavin and Lexi ran to the cabinet for the BOB books, which Gavin read aloud.  Sweet.

I cut Kate's mullet.  Sorry, Garry.  I know you don't approve.

This is what happens when I don't sweep for 48 hours (that pile is about 10"x 12").

And this is what happens when I leave a full bathroom trash can on the stairs.

And this is what happens when I say "no more fruit snacks!!!!" and get in the shower. That's a 12-ounce cup.

And this is what happens when I ask Gavin to vacuum the rug.

Life with the Littles is never, ever boring.
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