May 15, 2012

Run, boys, run!

Another season of the Landsharks running club has come and gone.  The boys ended on a high note with last night's fun track meet.  The boys raced well, Gavin and Lexi took the last lap of the meet, and we went out for ice cream on the way home.  Goodbye, track season!

This year we figured out a better way to handle meet nights: packing a picnic dinner.  This kept Bartle spectators happier and made the rest of the evening easier.  The Littles were, in general, very well behaved.  This is probably due to the endless rolling, running, jumping, and climbing available in the grass around us.  They mostly stayed off the track, mostly stayed in our vicinity, and mostly didn't bother anyone else.  Kate was mostly happy in her stroller, and the weather mostly behaved.  Excellent!

Zach and Tyler did well in their respective events, which ranged from the 100m to the mile.  Tyler topped out at 800m, but Zach did all of the races at one time or another.  At the final meet, Tyler PR'd on the 800m (4:06), and Zachary's best time came at the second meet, when he ran a 7:20 mile.  Both boys enjoyed running with friends from school and our ward.  The boys' school had a huge running program this year.  It was crazy to watch that many kids take their warm-up lap around the track.  

In the end, Zach and Tyler got medals to celebrate their participation. 

Gavin and Lexi can't wait to join their big brothers in Landsharks one day.  Two years from now, Gavin might just be the fastest kindergartener ever.

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