May 17, 2012

Lexi turns three!

It's a big day at our house: our first girl is three years old.

Grandma's birthday phone call woke us all up this morning, but Lexi was more than willing to get an early start on the celebration! After that she opened her birthday gifts at the kitchen table.  Among them were a dollhouse and accessories, ponies, bubbles, fairy jammies, and a purple backpack.  She was thrilled with everything.

Lexi endured a long walk in the stroller this morning, and then ate lunch at Chick Fil-a (her request) with Dad, Gavin, and Kate, and I.  She even got to have an ice cream cone!  Then I dragged her around town on some errands and she took a nice nap in the car.  Lexi spent the rest of the afternoon playing with her dollhouse.

For dinner, Lexi requested macaroni and cheese.  Yesterday I slaved over a "double rainbow" birthday cake, which Lexi and I were both super excited about.  It turned out great--complete with pink sparkles--and then collapsed on the counter overnight.  I guess I should have frozen it or something.  The good news is that Lexi is young enough not to care, and she was just as thrilled with the backup: a cake made with extra batter and topped with chocolate frosting.  (Sometimes I wonder why I complicate my life.)

Lexi humored me with a photo shoot to document the Day of Three.  Isn't she just darling?

At three, Lexi has a few favorite things, including her beloved Betsy doggies (both of them), her Hello Kitty purse, her babies, and cartoons on TV.  She loves goldfish crackers and graham crackers and yogurt and milk.  She loves meat.  She loves to swing and to climb and to jump on the trampoline.  She loves to wiggle and dance.  She loves listening to stories (while reading another book out loud to herself).   She loves the chance to "go in" (as opposed to waiting in the car or dropping off someone else) to places like the grocery store, the church, friend's houses, and fast food places.  

Lexi does NOT like shoes, sleeping, holding my hand in public places, having her hair fixed, eating breakfast, being left behind, or being interrupted.  She is a girl of many opinions and the vocabulary to articulate them.  Lexi is full of personality and life.  She is sweet and sensitive and silly all at once.  She wants very much to be grown-up and go to school like her big brothers. 

[Sidebar: Lexi said the family prayer before school and said, "Please bless me to be a big girl and to go a big girl preschool because I have a purple backpack that I got for my birthday." How cute is that?!]

Taking pictures of Lexi sleeping in random places is fast becoming my favorite game.  Although she gave up her afternoon nap a few months ago (when Gavin did), she still needs to nap.  I laugh every time I find Lexi curled up somewhere five minutes after she has demanded she is NOT tired.  She often collects a pillow and blanket or finds a bed before knocking off.  Clearly she knows she is tired!

Lexi has a soft spot for Kate.  She often climbs into Kate's crib when Kate wakes up in the morning.  She shares her toys with Kate just to make Kate happy.  Having the girls share a room is working well so far, except when they wake each other up at night (which is a pretty big "except").  I can see these two growing up to be great friends.

We're so glad Miss Lexi is part of our family!  Happy birthday, Sister!
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