May 2, 2012

Three cheers for Zach

This afternoon I got a happy call from Zach's TAG teacher.  She was eager to share Zach's end-of-year math and reading test results.  I soon learned why: Zach earned the highest math score in the whole school--by 150 points.  He also had the third-highest reading score in the school, and his reading score jumped nearly 200 points since his test last fall.  Mrs. Reynolds just gushed about Zach's accomplishments.  Her enthusiasm was contagious.  I'm so proud of my boy.

Zach is participating in the Landsharks running club again this spring.  At Monday's meet, Zach competed in the mile race.  He finished in 7:30, which is a full minute faster than his mile time last year.  He kept a steady pace and really worked hard to finish strong.  

Then, on Tuesday night, Zach showed a level of maturity I haven't seen before.  I was in the middle of making dinner when I received some very frustrating news.  The information really complicated my life and I was pretty upset.  I left the kitchen after putting dinner in the oven and talked to Garry for a while, trying to figure out a solution for the mess I was in (the crisis has now passed).  While we were talking, the oven timer rang.  A couple of minutes later, I went upstairs to take dinner out and discovered that Zach had done it for me....AND he had set the table and filled water glasses, all without being asked.  Coming from Zach, this was a really big deal.  I was so moved by his thoughtfulness and generosity.

The parenting portion of my life has been pretty rocky lately.  It's easy for me to focus on what's not working.  So today I am going to revel in these feelings of success, satisfaction, and gratitude.   Thank you, Zachary!
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