May 10, 2012

Five fast facts

I'm not blogging as much these days.  I can check email and Facebook and my calendar on my phone, but I don't really like the Blogger app, so blogging requires sitting at the computer.  I just don't sit at the computer as much as I used to.

Here are five fast facts that I'd like to remember about each of us at this time of life:

Is working on four teeth that keep popping in and out
Has discovered cupboards, closets, and drawers
Has the most infectious grin ever
Stands alone for several seconds at a time
Is probably a lefty

Is earning stickers for staying in her bed all night
Has graduated to nighttime undies
Got a new summer wardrobe: 3T shirts and 24 months shorts
Discovered her birthday present in my closet last night
Likes to wear Gavin's clothes (including his briefs)

Is unbelievably excited about the preschool field trip to the zoo
Made me a darling hand print canvas for Mother's Day
Is earning stickers for being nice in the car
Can navigate our complicated media system by himself
Adores the TV show Phineas and Ferb but skips the parts with the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz

Loved his zoo field trip today
Will be in Zach's TAG reading class next year
Is working on the 9 times tables at school
Has the best reading voice during family scripture study
Is very tenderhearted

Thinks the best parts of 5th grade next year will be having recess on the big field
and going bowling on the last day of school
Wants to wear the same pair of denim shorts
Loves to sit in the front seat of the van
Lost another tooth but didn't put it under his pillow
Has worked really hard on a presentation about the book

Loves being the ward newsletter editor
Is nearly finished with a front yard transformation project
Has had a handful of nausea-free days in recent weeks
Is finally starting to shed some pregnancy pounds
Is in love with Coach's Oats for breakfast

Has repaired all of our broken sprinklers
Made fabulous enchiladas this week
Bought a router table with his birthday money
Soothes our teething baby every night
Is looking forward to game night with the guys tomorrow
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