May 6, 2012

Funnies & Photos

Out of the blue, Tyler asked me: "So when you stopped feeding Kate the milk from your body, where did the milk go?  Did you just stop making it?"

Zach found some kid-sized sand shovels in a hidden spot in the garage.  I had purchased them for Easter but decided to give the kids something else instead, and hadn't gotten around to taking the original items back to the store.  He asked me what they were for, and I said I'd talk to him later.  Later, I broke the news about the Easter Bunny.  He kind of smirked.  I asked if there was something he wanted to say.  He said, "I know you and Dad are Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, too.  I've known since I was five."

From Gavin: "Mom, does Lexi's pee come out of her bum?  'Cause that's just gross."

I was nearing the end of my mid-afternoon meditation practice, reveling in the miracle that the Littles had been quiet the whole time, when Lexi burst into my bedroom and yelled, "I'm not wearing underwear!  Or pants!"

Lexi did something crazy (we can't remember what) and Garry said, "Why did you do that?"  She cocked her head to one side, shrugged her shoulders, turned up her palms, and said, "No reason."

Lexi was right next to Gavin until I grabbed the camera. The morning after I took this photo, there were hand and foot prints all over the windshield.  There was also a smooshed bean on the glass.  Gavin said Zach had been eating a burrito on the hood and dripped.  

We're doing a front yard overhaul.  Gavin helped me plant tulips after I split them all.

A picture of my lemonade-flavored birthday cake. It looks like I turned 38, but those candles on the right form a 3.

Kate loves to stand up to things.  She also loves her brother.  Hence this picture.

Evidence that Kate is capable of smiling for the camera:

Mr. Gavin does a great job writing his name these days.

Garry bought a juicer with his birthday money.  The kids love to help.  For some reason, Tyler deliberately ducked out of this photo.

I have taken to green smoothies.  I can't stop eating peanut butter M&Ms, but I am getting a daily dose of spinach and yogurt.  And so is Gavin.

The girls and I have enjoyed several long (3-4 mile) walks lately.  One day Lexi fell asleep.

One day Kate woke up at 5:15 for the day.  We got four miles in before breakfast.

Most of the trees are done blossoming (and are a gorgeous green!), but this pink one in our neighborhood still makes me smile when I drive by.

At the end of our long Saturday of yard work, Garry caught the stunning sunset on camera.  

 The end.
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