Mar 8, 2008

Zach's world

It’s time for a Zachary update.

Tuesday was Dr. Seuss Day at Tobias in honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday, which was March 3. Kindergartners got to wear pajamas to school and take pillows and blankets. They enjoyed an extended story time that featured many silly Dr. Seuss stories. During library time that day, Zachary checked out “Oh the Places You’ll Go.” That’s one of my personal favorites, so I’m glad for the chance to share it with Zachary and Tyler this week.

This week Zach also got to take his favorite book to class, and at the moment his favorite is “Yertle the Turtle” by Dr. Seuss. When he discovered Thursday morning that this book had been confiscated in the previous afternoon’s Room Sweep By Mom (how else will he and Tyler learn I’m serious about cleaning up?), Zachary had to earn it back by doing a job. So, at 7:00 a.m., Zachary dutifully folded a load of laundry. He did a good job with a surprisingly good attitude, so he got to take his book to school. Win-win, I say!

I have been pleased to catch Zachary reading to himself on occasion the last few weeks. Sometimes we also take turns reading pages of a book. That seems less daunting to Zach than tackling a whole book, but usually by the end he’s on a roll and reads every page. I’m impressed with his skills, and I think Zach surprises himself with what he’s able to read. Sometimes he even reads aloud to Tyler – what a bonus. At the beginning of the school year I had grand plans for all the extra, enriching homework experiences I would provide in order to supplement the so-so school curriculum. I discovered instead that just keeping Zachary motivated for the required homework and the occasional reading response is about all I can handle. He seems to be thriving without my intervention. One of his favorite things to do is go to the library. I try to fit it in every couple of weeks.

Zachary was the primary reason we started the 1-2-3 Magic program last month, and he is rewarding us with drastically improved behavior and attitudes. We are so grateful! Zach really can be a pleasant, obedient, helpful child. Garry and I are glad to have a smoother relationship with Zach these days. The calmer atmosphere makes Zach more amenable to chores and homework, too.

This week has been full of friends for Zach. On Monday Isaac came over for the morning, which was great fun. On Wednesday, the boys went to Pump it Up Junior with Alex and Isaac. Coincidentally, the six-year-olds both wore blue shirts and the four-year-olds wore green shirts, so it was easy to keep track of them as they ran around and played together.

After they played at our house for a while, the Lymans went home, but in the afternoon we picked up Isabel from school and enjoyed the afternoon together. Silly Mom forgot memory for the camera, so we didn’t document our trip to Krispy Kreme or the lovely hour we spent at Amberwood Park. The sun was warm and beautiful so park play was just perfect. Zachary was a little irritated that Isabel wanted to swing rather than play tag, so Tyler and I played tag with him instead. Zach is pretty fast; I got a good workout being chased around! I think I got a few “cool Mom” points for playing tag, but the boys got “cool kid” points for being nice as we walked around the ½-mile paths when I wanted to do that. Since the weather has been nicer, Zach has loved outdoor play time with Kayla, Isabel, and Kyndayl in our court, too.

On Friday we visited OMSI with the Lymans. OMSI is on our Oregon List, and it was so much fun to share the experience with friends! We were there for three solid hours, and if we hadn’t had a dentist appointment and hungry tummies we could easily have enjoyed ourselves for another three. Zachary explored nearly every exhibit in the entire museum, but he especially loved launching pop-bottle rockets, seeing a live snake, and building ball-shooting contraptions.

After our OMSI trip, we just had time to grab lunch before Zach’s appointment to get sealants on his molars. For the first time, Zach went to his dental chair all by himself while I sat with his brothers in the waiting room! He did well and is excited about his new Pirates of the Caribbean tooth brush.

So there’s a lengthy summary of Zach’s life these days. School and friends and a life on the go sum up his world!

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