Mar 13, 2008

In the last few days...

My energy/motivation/time for blogging comes in spurts, so I'll get it out of my system now and leave cyberspace alone for a while. Inasmuch as this blog is a family journal, I want to list the random things that are happening in our world. These random tidbits just might be interesting when my kids eventually read this. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

In the last few days, Garry has:
  • Mowed, re-seeded, and fertilized the back lawn, which is finally green again
  • Started listening to a history of the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge on CD
  • Taken a week of responsibility for making sure the church building is locked up every night
  • Had lunch with Tyler, Gavin, and me in the cafeteria at his workplace
  • Taken more than his share of dinner/kid duty so I could get a grip

In the last few days, Gavin has:
  • Been too cute for words in the bathtub
  • Rolled over (from tummy to back) for the first time
  • Begun drooling at an alarming rate
  • Slept 8-plus hours (without waking) three nights in a row
  • Developed the beginnings of a napping schedule
  • Been colored on by both of his brothers
In the last few days, Tyler has:
  • Accompanied me to a balloon-animal "field trip" for a friend's preschool
  • Been a most excellent grocery shopping helper
  • Taken two voluntary naps
  • Suffered from an unfortunate bout of diarrhea
In the last few days, Zachary has:
  • Come home with an excellent report card
  • Given no resistance to homework assignments
  • Acquired a digital clock for his bedroom (why on earth did we not think of this sooner?)
  • Been caught reading for fun
  • Discovered that one of his top teeth is loose
In the last few days, I have:
  • Replaced the feet of the boys' "slider" pajamas (see below)
  • Gone out on a "date" with a girlfriend and come home way past curfew
  • Burned broiled chicken enough to set off the fire alarm
  • Burned 448 calories in 34 minutes on the treadmill
  • Tried in vain to find the laundry-rescuing Lestoil product that a friend recommended
  • Caught up my ironing
That's all, folks! I'm off to watch American Idol with my honey (finally).
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