Mar 21, 2008

Looking up and moving on

Today is a better day.

Garry let me sleep in a little, and despite a massive diaper blow-out on Gavin's part, we almost made it to the Smart Cookies field trip on time. The boys had a marvelous experience touring New Seasons Market (the perfect follow-up for our nutrition lessons).

Then we explored a new-to-us park that was just fabulous: Tualatin Hills Nature Park. Natalie invited us along on their outing and I'm so glad she did. It's ironic that just as we are (theoretically) leaving, we discover this gem of a park. Miles of paved paths curve through a forest of moss-covered trees. What an escape! Zachary and Tyler were thrilled to grab their maps, follow Alex the Navigator, and run pell-mell through the trees.

Though at times we were stressed about not having a visual on our kids, Natalie and I strolled behind them, engaged in lovely grown-up conversation and just enjoyed nature.

I really needed this today.

Being able to (1) get out of the house, (2) have a successful outing with the boys, (3) engage in physical activity, (4) get fresh air in my lungs, and (5) talk to a rational friend, really helped clear my head and calm my spirit. I'm starting to make plans and accept that we might be here a while -- and that's ok! So today, for this moment at least, the world is right side up and I can move forward. I can't ask for much more than that.
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