Mar 26, 2008

Sound bytes

Last night I woke with a start when I heard Zachary scream, "Mom!"

I responded to his urgent cry as quickly as I could in my drowsy, befuddled, can't-find-my-glasses-in-the-dark state. Zach was sitting cross-legged in bed with a smirk on his face. This was not the scene I expected after a 1:00 a.m. summons. Zach proceeded to tell me about a silly dream.

"I was entertaining Gavin in his car seat. Then I turned around. When I turned back, Gavin was upside down and standing on his tongue! Hahahahahaha!"

I tucked him in, he drifted back to sleep, and I went back to bed. Ten minutes later I heard Zach again. In his orneriest voice, he exclaimed, "Ty-LER! No! And don't put it in your pants again!" Apparently it was a night for vivid dreams.

Tyler has been equally humorous in recent days.

We heard this anecdote secondhand, but the comedy is classic. Tyler sits on the front row during Primary sharing time, which is a group meeting for the children at church. An adult presenting a lesson on repentance asked the children if they had ever made a mistake. Tyler eagerly raised his hand, then blurted out, " My Mom has!"

Now there's a child who has a good grasp on reality! Well, maybe not. (Read on.)

On Sunday at lunch Garry was joking that he might eat Tyler for his next meal. Tyler responded indignantly: "You can't do that! You can't eat people!"

Garry replied, "Well, why not?!"

Tyler explained, "Because it's illegal to eat people and plus, they're too salty!"

Garry then said, "Too salty? People are too salty?"

Tyler went on: "Yes, they're very salty and if you tried to eat them, you would die!"

Now Gavin doesn't have the language skills to contribute much to this post, but we are rather delighted with his squeals, shrieks, and other vocalizations. Gavin has developed a cold, however, so these fun sounds are now interspersed with congested breathing, coughs, and sneezes. Bummer!

Also on the speaking theme, I have just read two great books: "The 5 Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate" and "The 5 Love Languages of Children," both by Gary Chapman. Each is about communicating love in a way that the loved one can best receive it. I highly recommend both books!
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