Mar 29, 2008

Ten Happy Things

This week I've been a bit of a grump {as if you couldn't tell}.

So to cure my out-of-season Scrooge-ness, I am making a list of happy things that happened this week. I might have to make this a regular bit until I find my rose-colored glasses,
which have been missing for a while.

Without further ado...

[1] Tyler telling me that "an ogre is a really ugly person, who, according to mythology, eats people." I kid you not.

[2] Popcorn popping {aka spring blossoms}

[3] Superhero dress-ups

[4] A filed income tax return

[5] Sun breaks sufficient for park play and bike rides

[6] Finding this hilarious blog and this post specifically

[7] Gavin being delightful during tummy time and rolling over lots

[8] Dinner with these fun friends

[9] Making copies for Smart Cookies and buying ribbon for a sewing project all by my little self

[10] Calling Gramps for his birthday {love ya, Dad}

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