Mar 9, 2008

Wild animals (not mine)

Saturday's open house hours found us at the Oregon Zoo. I love the zoo! Here are some of my favorite photos for the day.

We started in the Great Northwest section of the zoo. How appropriate! I am always amazed at how lush and green and foresty the zoo is, and this section is particularly so.

Tyler wanted to pet the goats in the farm area.
Then he washed his hands with enough waterless soap
for six people.

The polar bears were very fun this time.
They walked and played and even posed for the camera.

Then Zach and Tyler had to pose as bears for us.
It looks like we've got a couple of little sunbear-sized boys.

The African section of the zoo was great with hippos, rhinos,
giraffes, zebras, and tigers.

Garry snapped this great leopard photo.

Gavin enjoyed the trip from the stroller most of the time,
but for a while he rode around with me. He's such a cutie.

At the end of the day, we found out that five groups came through the open house. Two were very interested, but both have issues: one has to sell his own house first and the other won't be ready to buy for a year. Whatever!!! This is a crazy business.
Despite being gone most of the day, Garry and I hired a babysitter and had our first post-Gavin date. It was great! Gavin came along for dinner at Stanford's, but then I fed him and tucked him in at home before we went to see 10,000 B.C. at the theater. We really enjoyed being alone for once. We might just have to go on dates more often. What a novel thought.
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