Oct 3, 2013

Star of the Week

Gavin took his turn as the Star of the Week at school.  He got to share with his class lots of things that he loves.

On Favorite Toy Day, he took his balance board.

On Favorite Activity Day, he showed a picture of himself on our back yard rope swing.

On Favorite Book Day, he took a board book called "My Favorite Book of Mormon Stories," which he loves because of the hide-and-seek flaps on each page, and because of the Samuel the Lamanite story, which is his favorite.  What a good missionary!

On Favorite Color Day, he took a Superman costume because he loves red, yellow, and blue.

On Whatever You Want Day, he took his bike helmet and a picture of himself on his bike.

I am so glad that Gavin got to share parts of his personality with his class.  He's a great kid!

At home, he has shown lots of interest in the piano, so we are giving lessons a go.  He is thrilled to play a few simple songs on the black keys, especially when I play a little duet with him (the kind written in the books for teachers).  It's so much fun for me, too!  Granny played some duets with Gavin while she was here, including this little song that I learned as a child.  (Repeated lyrics: "When the birds begin to sing, then it's time to know it's spring.")

In spite of his enthusiasm, Gavin does not yet have proper respect for the piano.  Two days ago I caught him using a toilet plunger to strike the keys, and I nearly died.

Oh, Gavin....

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