Oct 8, 2013

It must be Autumn

Lexi and I took a nature walk the other day.  I needed some Sunday afternoon sunshine, and she needed some space from her siblings. We had a good time looking for colorful leaves, different kinds of pine cones, animals, and flowers. Some of our treasures blew away in the wind, but we still collected a good sampling. We walked quite a ways--2.5 miles or so--and Lexi was pretty tired by the end of it.  Daddy had to pick us up when we were about half a mile from home because Lexi fell and refused to go on.  I still consider the outing a success.

Lexi's preschool field trip to the pumpkin patch was on Monday.  She and Kate had a grand time sifting through corn kernels, going down the big slide, taking a hay ride, visiting the animals, playing on the swings, and picking pumpkins.  This was another it's-fun-until-it's-not outing, but we managed to get in the car just in the nick of time.  It was a good trip.

Fall is definitely here, with cooler temperatures (it froze one night) and changing leaves.  I love the briskness of the morning air, but I'm still glad for warm afternoons.  We are generally letting the kids play longer at night, trying to eke out every minute of good weather that we can.  With new neighbor girls nearby, there are lots of friends to play with and lots of fun to be had.  They can hang out inside all winter. Until then, it's bikes and backyards for us.
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