Sep 26, 2013

Top Ten(s)

From the last week or so....

Top Ten Ridiculous Experiences

10. Missing the call of my number at the JoAnn cutting counter
9. Saying "go away" to my alarm, and then regretting it
8. Ruining a crock pot meal by "shredding" the meat with the mixer (don't do it)
7. Watching Kate getting a bloody nose after face-planting at pack meeting
6. Forgetting to treat my blood-stained undershirt before washing and drying it
5. Losing one of Kate's Crocs in a random parking lot
4. Burning the rice for dinner so badly that we had to eat at Taco Bell to escape the smell
3. Realizing I left out a measure/phrase of my song after printing it for the "last" time
2. Messing up a Young Women lesson again (yay for three week breaks)
1. Calling Poison Control because Kate ate adult vitamins

Top Ten Happy Events 

10. Visiting my sweet Barbara and playing Scrabble for an hour
9. Attending Zach's latest cross country cross country meets--he ran fast!
8. Going to the temple with a friend
7. Having another fun backyard movie night
6. Reading "The Racketeer" and loving it
5. Getting a weekly letter and pictures from Sister Holly Dixon
4. Running three miles without pain (at least during the run--haha)
3. Watching Kate learn to ride a tricycle
2. Hearing Zach ask for a haircut--soon
1. Welcoming my mom to town for a week-long visit!
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