Oct 20, 2013

Cell phone stories: Kate

Kate is the primary subject of my cell phone photos, probably because we spend the most time together. Whenever I take a picture, she says "Wepeesee," which means "let me see."  It's the cutest little phrase, and I know it won't last forever.  "Wepeesee."  It makes me smile every time.

This photo reminds me of the fact that Kate has given up napping.  Noooooooo!  I'm still in denial, and I put her in her room every single afternoon at 1:00.  It's depressing.  Boo.

However, this is what her room looks like every day.  Do you know why?  She uses those little red buckets to stand on and reach naughty things, such as all of her dresser drawers, which she dumps out on a regular basis.  Also: the medicine cabinet.  I recently had to call poison control because she ate some adult vitamins. Now when I open that cupboard she says, "Me spicy mouth," which references the yucky taste of the vitamins.  Lesson learned?  I sure hope so.  She finally learned what "hot" means after a couple of painful burns on her hands.

Here's a great Kate story (sorry, no pictures).  On Thursday evening, each family member was occupied with something, so Kate had some fun in the kitchen.  She pushed a chair in front of the sink, turned the faucet on full blast, and starting using the hose attachment to spray the kitchen.  She just stood there, like she was watering the lawn.  Garry was alerted to the problem when Zach's downstairs bedroom ceiling started raining.  Water was dripping out of the light fixture and above the door.  Garry ran upstairs and found water everywhere--counters and floors and drawers and cupboards.  Five bath towels later, there was still plenty of clean-up to do, but fortunately there wasn't too much damage.  The biggest casualty was the first 25 pages or so of my scriptures, along with my scripture journal, which were open on the kitchen island.  I used a blow dryer on the pages and they are still intact enough to use.  Kate, Kate, Kate....

It's a good thing she's so cute, right?

Finally, Kate learned something fun in nursery today, which I recorded this afternoon.

"Wing awounda wosies" might even be cuter than "wepeesee."
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