Oct 20, 2013

Mom gets a time-out

This weekend I attended Time Out for Women, a little retreat in Denver where I listened to some great speakers and played with some friends for a day and a half.  We did some shopping, ate at Cafe Rio, and stayed overnight at the Marriott. Good times!

My favorite speakers were James Ferrell, Sandra Turley, and Emily Freeman (who, incidentally, has a son who served a mission in Croatia at the same time as my brother, and they knew each other!).  I didn't have any powerful experiences like I did last year, but the weekend was uplifting and rejuvenating and I had a lot of fun.  I also probably talked too much, but that is a problem for me in general, as we all know.

Many thanks to my amazingly supportive husband who not only kept track of five little monkeys but also made an incredible feast for Zach's birthday while I was gone.  Yay for happy weekends.

P.S. for Gavin: 
I really did come back home, just like I promised.  I know you were really worried about me leaving, so I kept that picture you drew of us in my suitcase, just in case I got lonely.  Thanks for spending time with me, holding my hand and hugging me, while we waited until it was time for me to go.  Our "good-bye" time was precious.

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