Jan 27, 2008

What we've been up to

Garry has been holding down the fort in Beaverton (thanks for the great "for sale" post, honey!) and was pleased to vacate the house while it was shown for the first time on Saturday. Woohoo! Meanwhile, the boys and I have enjoyed a few fun days in Mesa with my family.

Zachary has enjoyed hours of Wii and Nintendo entertainment. One of his favorite games is fitness boxing, where he uses the controllers to punch a boxing bag (I won't let him box a person, even if it's pretend). He really gets into the movements and works up a sweat! I caught him sitting up in his sleep last night, punching the air and grunting as if he was playing the game!

Tyler has puttered and played with Granny's many toys (cars, books, trains, blocks...) and also loved spending time in the big backyard (not to mention the sunshine!). He is learning to pump on the swings and especially loved swinging when Gramps took him to the park.

Gavin has charmed everyone with his cuteness and sweet nature. He likes Granny's crib, plus the car seat, bouncy chair, swing, and play mat Granny borrowed from Aunt Angie. We are lucky to have such a great set-up here. Gavin is smiling more and getting stronger on his tummy.

I have enjoyed a couple of naps, a pedicure and lunch date with the girls in the family, and late-night chatting with my siblings and cousin who lives here. I love seeing my little nieces nurture Gavin like they would one of their "beebees." What fun! Here are several pictures that highlight our latest adventures.

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