Jan 30, 2008

Ode to Uncles

My boys have grown up with awesome uncles. Who knew that crazy little brothers could grow up to be so cool? I feel lucky to have them in my life and especially in the lives of my children!

David is cool because he's Devlin's Daddy. We were all thrilled when he came to visit in Beaverton when Gavin was born.

Myron is just as good as a brother, even though he's an in-law. He loves to entertain the boys when we are in Arizona. Just today he played ball with the kids in the park, ran around with Mr. Miagi (the dog), and made Zach and Ty a special-order lunch and cookies on the side.

Zachary and Tyler are thrilled that Eric is home from his mission. On Sunday we went to a special fireside Eric hosted about Mongolia. The boys were pretty good considering the meeting was an hour and a half long at the end of a church day. When we got home, Zachary said, "I sure learned a lot about Mongolia!" Zach is also learning that Eric, who works full-time and goes to MCC full-time, is not as available for playing as he used to be. That's why we felt so special when we got to share Eric's lunch break on Tuesday. Taco Bell has never been so cool. Eric even shared his nachos.

Uncle Ryan is still da bomb. He is also super busy with a full-time schedule and a part-time job at ASU, but he still found time this week to build the boys a car ramp, assemble a slot-car race track, play video games, and push the boys on the swings. He is also the preferred guy for bedtime songs and stories. We love Uncle Ryan!

Thanks, guys, for all the sweet memories this week! Love ya!
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