Jan 21, 2008

Today I've learned...

  • That multitasking moving and motherhood is quite a challenge
  • That fresh paint makes me happy
  • That boring beige really does make my kitchen look bigger
  • That even the most unsavory of tasks, like cleaning out the fridge, is made more pleasant if done while chatting with a good friend
  • That being a good neighbor pays off
  • That it's OK to receive service once in a while
  • That little babies should not have to endure ear infections

So most of my "aha" moments today related to ongoing house-selling preparations, but that last bullet came yesterday when I took Gavin to Urgent Care for the second time in his short little life. The poor kid was in obvious distress during the night, with a low-grade fever (taking an infant rectal temp was a first for me) and hours and hours of crying. He wasn't eating well, refused a pacifier, and kicked and screamed when ever we laid him down. At 4:00 a.m. I started connecting the dots and called an advice nurse. She suspected an ear infection, and later an Urgent Care doctor confirmed the diagnosis and ordered antibiotics. Gavin's flavor palette has suddenly expanded to include bubblegum-flavored amoxicillin and grape-flavored Tylenol. He seems so surprised every time we administer the medicine! Hopefully the little guy feels better soon. I'm ready to learn what a good night's rest feels like.

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